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As we have mentioned before, the fall season can bring a lot of stress with it.  School is starting, fall sports are back in full swing, and we can feel loaded down and confused on where to start.  This month, Bubba Sparks and our “College Connection” writer, Penny Hanson, have laid out some wonderful advice on where to start with training and college applications (for those of you in your senior year of high school).

In his advice column, Bubba has also provided many links to previous advice he has given on pole vault training.  Those of you who are looking for ideas on what to do next will be wise to take a look at his plans, advice, and links.  And Penny Hanson has laid out the basics of each step of the entire college application process.  This article has very good information on what each step entails, and how to achieve it.  If you are going to college please take a look.

We also have a first-time special treat this month:  Kristin Majerus, recent graduate of the University of Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has written a personal account of how to explore the mental side of pole vaulting.  Pole vaulting is definitely mentally exhausting, but Majerus has some great tips to rise above and use the mental side of pole vaulting to our advantage.  If you are looking for ways to up your mental game, this article is for you.

Samantha Slaubaugh has also given us a first-hand account of how sprinting can pave the way for great vaulting.  What she has to say about how speed influences vault performance is worth looking into, and you won’t want to miss it.

Last, but certainly not least, is our featured cover story on Mike Arnold.  Arnold has been through a lot and has managed to keep vaulting with the best.  He has some great advice for us also.  This goal-oriented vaulter has not always loved vaulting, but has turned his passion toward the sport and come a long way.  This is a must-read as well.

Thanks again for sticking with us.  We hope you enjoy this October issue as much as the rest.  As always, we hope you keep reading.  We are gearing up for the holiday season with the rest of you and have more great things in store.

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Thank you and enjoy the magazine! Doug Bouma – Vaulter Magazine

Mike Arnold Cover
Mike Arnold Cover

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