October 2014 Issue of Vaulter Magazine

The autumn season of 2014 comes with much excitement at Vaulter Magazine. To start with, Dolf Berle has written us a very inspiring piece. Mr. Berle has some sound words of wisdom about being in “the zone” and taking pole vault training to a new level. Getting to through those mental blocks while training can be difficult, but this article will help with some advice on how to get past it. Don’t miss it.

Penny Hanson has added even more very useful information about college applications as well. It is time to start thinking about those teacher or counselor recommendation letters and where you want to apply to. We know this article will help you sort this out, so please read along and take in this very necessary input.

Also in this issue is some information on a wonderful new invention by Bernie Miller. He has invented the Squat Master and it will revolutionize workouts for all athletes. Mr. Miller has been involved with many inventions and ideas, as well as personal training and fitness. Once you read what the Squat Master can do for you, you will want to run out and get one for yourself. Please check this out. You won’t be sorry.

Our featured college this month is Grand Canyon University. The vaulters at this small Christian university are jumping high, but also reaching new heights as people. Coach Lehman’s words about his team can’t help but show his passion for where he is and the vaulters he coaches. You may just want to take Penny Hanson’s skills and fill out an application once you read this inspiring piece.

However, inspiration can sometimes be followed by sadness. Unfortunately this month we share a more somber piece remembering the late Alan Launder. We lost him in August of this year and he will be missed. Steve Chappell of UCS Spirit has written a lovely memorial about his life and accomplishments. Even though we are saddened by the loss, we hope you will join us in remembering Mr. Launder fondly and hold on to his legacy in a very positive light.

Please help us remember Mr. Launder, this month and always. And please continue to value each day we have to vault and live life to the fullest. We will see you again next month. Take care.

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