October 2017 Pole Vault Atlanta Issue of Vaulter Magazine

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October here we come and the freshness that fall brings has cooled down the season.

Pole Vault news, “Record pole vault has Alysha Newman primed to ‘put Canada on the map’ for years to come on 6, August 2017.” (Record pole vault has Alysha Newman primed to ‘put Canada on the map’ for years to come. (2017). Retrieved from

“A payment made by Sergey Bubka, the senior vice-president of athletics’ world governing body, to a now disgraced senior figure is to be investigated by the independent Athletics Integrity Unit, the Guardian can reveal..” (IAAF’s Sergey Bubka faces investigation on payment to disgraced Balakhnichev. (2017). Retrieved from

On the cover, we have Pole Vault Atlanta with a new and exciting approach to pole vaulting. ” Currently, Becky Arbiv holds the girls record at 13’7” indoors and 13’6.5” outdoors, and the boys record, jumped by Brian Hauch, stands at 15’9.25”.” As rigorous and technical as the PV-ATL year round season is, Coach Fairbanks stresses that they are a team before anything else. The team members support each other both on the runway and off, and have truly become best of friends. Samantha Kaplan does it again with an insightful and impacting article about this club.

Kreager Taber hits the former gymnasts out there with the fact, “Many other former gymnasts also struggle with the approach phase of the vault due to the difference between running like a gymnast and running like a pole vaulter.” Get ready to start working on your gymnastics run and making it into a pole vault run. Kreager hits it out of the park with this article and shows that she has the experience to follow up with her article.

Enjoy your fall and we will see you all for the month of November.

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