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October 2022 Pole Vault St. Louis

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October is the time of the year that we all see a slow down in the weather, fall approaches and we embrace all that fall has to offer. For many of you there will be a change of seasons, a huge cool down, and temped weather. For some of us in the warmer areas, there will still be a linger of heat that follows us into November. All in all, the weather will be phenomenal for pole vaulting.


On the cover we have Pole Vault St. Louis out of Missouri. Last summer we traveled out to Missouri and met up with this fun-loving club. The coaches and athletes were top notch, and we had a lot of fun. “Zoeller has some athletes that have come up through his club and become coaches themselves, helping as assistants at the club and working as high school coaches. Casie Cullinane is one such athlete who has competed at several different levels of the sport herself and now utilizes her skills as a coach.” If you get a chance, stop by, and get some jumping in at this club, you will be glad that you did.


Daniel Bush is back! Daniel C. Bush is a freelance writer and author of Christian fiction adventure novels, humor, firefighting, outdoor hunting and fishing stories, and devotionals. He is a retired Fire District Chief at Amarillo Fire Department and resides in west Texas with his wife, where he coaches at Wings Elite Pole Vault Club and has one adopted son that ran cross-country and two adopted daughters that pole vault. This month he continues his multi part story that we love. Have a read, it is fun and very intuitive in nature.


Next month we have a college and an elite athlete that we plan to highlight. It’s going to be a good one so stay tuned. November is right around the corner and so is your indoor pole vaulting careers.

2022 Series FIVE Calendar

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2022 Pole Vaulters Calendar Series FIVE from Vaulter Magazine. Please check out all of the names on the pictures and verify your son or daughter is in the calendar prior to buying. There other series of calendars coming out soon.

Name of Pole Vaulters in this calendar.

Lindsey Ruf

Paige Hansen

Tim Bourrett

Zaiden Fry

Mac Vault Masters

Mac Vault High School Girls

Kevin Furguson

Sailor Todaro

Josh Cotter

Hayden Penna

Iliana Downing

Hallie Fecteau

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