October 2023 San Diego State Issue of Vaulter Magazine

October 2023 San Diego State issue of Vaulter Magazine

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A new world record by Mondo Duplantis, 6.23m, has made headlines once more in September, but the spotlight now shifts to October. This month heralds the arrival of the college edition of Vaulter Magazine featuring San Diego State University. As the weather begins to change, the nights grow crisper, ushering in a season of intense workouts and a surge in vaulting activities that will continue to escalate as we approach November.

On the Cover:

In this edition, we proudly feature San Diego State University’s dynamic all-girls pole vault team, based in sunny San Diego, California. Coach Rich Fox has been dedicatedly nurturing this talented group of young women for nearly three decades, and his passion shows no signs of easing. As the college editions are now in our midst, we’re thrilled to present an exciting and engaging issue for your reading pleasure.


The Crucial Role of Pole Vault Coaching:

In the world of pole vaulting, a dedicated coach serves as more than an instructor; they are mentors, strategists, motivators, and safety guardians. Their expertise helps athletes navigate the sport’s intricacies, enhance technique, and reach new heights, both physically and metaphorically. Aspiring pole vaulters, whether beginners or seasoned competitors, should recognize the invaluable role of a pole vault coach in their pursuit of excellence in this captivating and challenging discipline. The coach is the key to unlocking their full potential. Looking forward to the next issue, we’re excited to feature San Diego State on the cover, marking the beginning of our exploration into the world of college pole vaulting.

Bridging the Gap: The Lack of Pole Vault Coaches in the United States:

The shortage of pole vault coaches in the United States reflects a multifaceted issue that extends from the grassroots to the highest levels of the sport’s management. The complexity of pole vault demands specialized knowledge and safety considerations that are often overlooked, creating hurdles for both aspiring coaches and athletes. It’s imperative to prioritize coach education, provide incentives and compensation, upgrade facilities, and promote the sport to attract and retain experienced coaches. Furthermore, establishing mentorship programs and increasing public awareness can help bridge the coaching gap and foster growth within the pole vault community.

Next issue:

In our next issue, we will delve into the remarkable journey of Mondo Duplantis and his astounding world record-breaking vault of 6.23 meters. Stay tuned as we explore the incredible feats and the dedication behind this historic achievement, shedding light on the extraordinary world of pole vaulting. It’s a story you won’t want to miss.

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