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Happy October! Indoor season is just around the corner; can you believe it? This month we have a very Halloween-filled magazine for you!

We have some recipes for you to try to keep it a little healthy while all the Halloween treats are tempting you. Don’t worry, they are actually pretty good and give you the sweet cravings you need.

Also in this month we have a quick article about some benefits of cross training. Of course it’s important to train all the muscles that you use for pole vault, but it is also beneficial to train the muscles that you don’t use so much. When all your muscles are in shape and have the endurance you need to compete for a long period of time, that is when you jump new heights. This article could help you train to the next level, check it out!

David Brannan has written an article for us that tells you the benefit of counting your steps, and counting them backwards. Though some of us think that could be hard to do in the moment, David assures you that it is not as hard as it sounds and that it could actually be better than counting forward. David graduated from Brigham Young University, set a school record of 5.45 meters. He currently works and lives in Salcha, Alaska as a teacher, programmer, and track and field coach. When David is not grading papers, you can find him in his backyard teaching his three children (and their friends) how to pole vault. David loves helping athletes and would love to hear from you, or you can meet him in person at the Reno Pole Vault Summit where he jumps with his two sons and daughter every year. His article is an enjoyable read and one that could really help you—don’t miss it!

When Sandi Morris returned home from Rio, she wrote a huge blog about her Olympic Trial and Olympic experiences. We have taken a segment of her blog and published it in this issue for you to read. This blog covers when she broke her wrist, what she thought when she was competing in Rio, and what she learned competing at the Olympics. She is such a fun writer, enjoy!

Our awesome, creative team on the cover this month is the Ole Miss Zombie Crew! If the creative cover weren’t enough to tell you how fun this team is, then their article will tell you! This team is like a family and that they are on their way to success. Coach Brian Porter gives his vaulters the coaching the need to be successful pole vaulters and with the new track and field facility, there is no doubt that this team will make it happen. Personal Records are in their future! Check out this team—they are worth your time!

We hope you enjoy this Halloween issue. We enjoyed creating it! Keep training hard in the off-season and keep us updated with all of your success. Until next month, vault high and have fun!

October 2016 Ole Miss cover of Vaulter Magazine
October 2016 Ole Miss cover of Vaulter Magazine

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