50 years ago a schoolboy in Ohio had a big idea……be the State Champ and Record Holder in the pole vault.

With sawdust pits, heavy poles and big desire, he worked hard to reach success.

With two years left in high school he trained for one thing …… to be the best.

The year was, 1964, and he penned a short poem titled, “The Big Hop.”

Two years later, at the State Meet ……… he made his “Big Hop.”


The Big Hop

Someday I’m going to make the Big Hop.

I’ll go over the bar and then I’ll drop.

I’ll work my way until that day, and then I’ll win it all.

I’ll do my best and never rest until I make that fall.

I’ll jump so high and far no one will ever top.

I’ll strain to touch a star when I make the Big Hop.

In May 1966, David Rimmer, became the Ohio State Champion & Meet Record Holder with a“Big Hop” of 15’ 1 1⁄2 “

What is your Big Hop?


What is your “Big Hop?” What do you want to achieve? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to leap over excellence? Pole Vaulting is a life lesson in courage, and determination. You forge success with persistence, heart hustle, guts and grit. Take your Vault experience and apply it to life’s challenges. Accelerate through take off and act as if it were impossible to fail.



Special message delivered by fellow vaulter fellow vaulter:   Wayne Rimmer

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