Olympic Gold Pole Vaulter Jenn Suhr Injured In Training Accident

CHURCHVILLE, N.Y. — Jenn Suhr, a Western New York native and Olympic gold medalist, is recovering from injuries sustained Wednesday in a pole vaulting accident.

Rick Suhr, Jenn’s husband and coach, said Jenn was practicing at their home training facility in Churchville when her pole snapped. You can see and hear it in the video, posted above.

Rick said Jenn suffered rib, wrist, hand and neck injuries. Rick said the video shows the danger of pole vaulting. She was taken to Strong Hospital in Rochester, where she was treated and released.

Suhr is the defending gold medal champion and a favorite heading in to Rio in 2016.

Suhr is a Fredonia native and currently resides in Churchville.



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