One Month and Counting to Jeff Truman Memorial

(Burbank, Calif.) — The clock is counting down to the October 31 deadline to submit nomina- tions for the Jeff Truman Memorial Pole Vault Summit–ship, the honor that awards an outstand- ing pole vault coach a free trip to the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nev. (January 16–17, 2015). The annual two–day celebration of the most exciting event in track and field features educa- tional workshops, learn–by–doing instructional clinics, an evening showcase of elite pole vaulters, and culminates in multi–level competition in male and female divisions. Everyone who is anyone in the U.S. pole vault community will be there!

OnTrack and Field, Inc.—the Burbank, Calif.–based track and field equipment supply com- pany operated by Ron Morris, Olympic silver medalist in the pole vault (Rome, 1960)—sponsors the annual Summit–ship, now in its 12th year. OnTrack underwrites the travel and accommoda- tions for the Summit–ship winner, while Summit organizers provide complimentary registration for participation in the weekend’s activities. Nomination forms and additional information are available at, or by telephone request to OnTrack at (800) 697-2999.

The Summit–ship is named for Jeff Truman, a former OnTrack employee, athlete and pole vault coach who suffered an untimely death in 2002, at the age of 27. “When we lost Jeff, we felt compelled to keep his positive spirit and coaching legacy alive to inspire other pole vault coachesand athletes. We decided to do this by selecting someone who embodied similar qualities that we could celebrate as exemplary, and at the same time, encourage that person to persevere in their efforts and give them an opportunity to continue their coaching education,” says Ron. “We feel that sending our honoree to the Pole Vault Summit is a great way to accomplish these goals.”

Who makes a great candidate for this award? While there are some truly amazing high school and college coaches out there with phenomenal records, some of the most inspiring candidates have been the intrepid walk–on coaches—many of them armed with nothing more than books, video and their enthusiasm to seek guidance from more experienced instructors. What makes them shine is their dedication to their athletes, their attention to their vaulters’ safety and, above all, their emphasis on personal, as well as athletic development.


In the event they are selected for the honor, nominees should be able to travel the day of Thursday, January 15, with their return trip Sunday, January 18. The Summit–Ship winner will be presented to Pole Vault Summit organizers, staff and VIPs at the National Pole Vault Summit Hall of Fame Dinner on Thursday evening. Selection and notification of the honoree will take place during the month of November.

Celebrating 37 years in business this year, OnTrack and Field, Inc. is owned and operated by Ron Morris, 1960 Olympic silver medalist in the pole vault (USA). The Burbank, Calif.–based company offers a complete line of track and field athletic equipment, accessories and apparel for purchase by teams and individuals looking for quality merchandise, affordably priced. OnTrack’s staff of experienced athletes and coaches are available for consultation weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time.


OnTrack can also be found online at When in the Los Angeles area, track and field enthusiasts are invited to visit OnTrack at 2901 Winona Avenue in Burbank, Calif. For more information about OnTrack or the Jeff Truman Memorial Pole Vault Summit–ship, please call (800) 697-2999.


The National Pole Vault Summit is an annual event sponsored by USA Track & Field—the governing body of track and field in the United States, and UCS/Spirit, manufacturer of pole vaulting poles, landing systems and other track and field equip- ment. For more information about the National Pole Vault Summit, please contact Pole Vault Summit Co–Directors Lane Maestretti and/or Steve Chappell at UCS/ Spirit at (800) 537-7117, or visit



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