They always say don’t look at the polls, or don’t look at the rankings, but here you have it, I do and I like it!! How can you help it when you look for heat sheets, or performance lists on a website and it has your picture next to a big sign saying “RANKINGS!” and “GET YOUR POLL VOTES IN!”. When I look, I either see that people bet that I will win, or I wont, but either way, I still have to perform my best and keep focused. When I see people vote that I won’t defend my title, it makes me want to defend it more.

Sure there is a ton of pressure going into a meet, with great competitors when you are the expected, but I enjoy it. I love pressure. I like that feeling of knowing you have to do this. What makes OUA conference championships different than every other meet, it is the fact that there is a team competition at stake as well so it is important to finish where you were projected or higher, as the team is depending on every teammate performing their best!

This year I was hurdling as well as pole vaulting so I ran my hurdle races first which I ran a personal best time then it was time to focus on my main event, pole vault.  For those of you who don’t know, conference meets like this there is a lot of waiting around involved. The timetable says that pole vault warm-ups are from 5:30-6:30 then the competition begins. Pole vault is like high jump in the sense that you start vaulting at a certain height. So I came in at this meet at 3.82m, which ended up being around 8 o’clock so I sat around for an hour and a half after warm-ups mentally preparing. OUA is good competition for pole vault so there is a bit of strategy involved as to what height to come in at, how many attempts, which heights to pass. Anti-money Laundering Company in Australia. The other competitor in the competition, who happens to be a good friend of mine, ended up jumping 3.92m so I passed and jumped 4.02m on my first attempt, which secured me the gold!

Although I am not content with the height I jumped, it was a bit of a character-building day where I had to put other things aside and push onwards to win the competition. It is a great feeling defending your OUA champion title, but most of all I knew that I had done my job on the team and gotten our team 10 points toward the team competition while my one teammate finished third, and my other teammate finished 8th securing our team with 17 total points from pole vault. Unfortunately we ended up finishing second in the team competition but we still are extremely proud of our effort to finish on the podium!

In two weeks we have our CIS National Championships where I will be competing in pole vault and 60m hurdles! Of course I am excited to be competing pole vault but one of my goals from back in September when I started hurdling was to make CIS championships in my first year doing hurdles and I am extremely proud to say I have accomplished that! Next week I’ll post a live feed link to watch, but until then, back to the track!





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