Palmyra’s Tim Moses had already broken the meet record in the pole vault, but he was still feeling the pressure.

Going for an even bigger vault of 16-0, Moses was down to his final attempt and all eyes were on him.

Moses took carefully calculated steps, taking quick breaths with each step. He got a perfect stick with his pole and launched himself toward the sky.

Time stood still for a moment as Moses ascended 16 feet into the air.

He got the job done, wiggling inches clear of the bar and landing safely on the mat.

The crowd, which had grown bigger with each vault, erupted in celebration.

Moses called his vault “one of the best jumps of my life.”

Moses was one of the area’s biggest highlights at Saturday’s Mid-Penn Track and Field Championships, held at Chambersburg’s Trojan Stadium.

“I just thought if I put everything into the pole, I’ll get over,” Moses said. “Son of a gun, I did it. It’s one of the best jumps in my life, I believe.”

Moses shattered the record of 15-7, previously held by former teammate Shawn Mayer.

Wearing a big smile, Moses said the victory and record meant a lot to him.

“This is definitely one of my better outings,” Moses said. “Shawn Mayer had the record before and it was important for me to get it. … I was really happy to come close to my PR today.”

Moses is ready to pursue gold at the District 3 and PIAA meets. He is calling himself “cautiously optimistic.”

“I feel better about my chances, but I can’t have too much confidence,” Moses said. “I’ve got to get through districts to make it to states. I’m looking forward to next week.”


Moses Vaulter Magazine
Moses Vaulter Magazine

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