Pole vaulter shows off talents

A student at a school in Watford had a chance to show off his pole vaulting talents in the Olympic Park.

James Weller, who is in year ten at Parmiter’s, visited the stadium at the beginning of May to compete in a national school games competition organised by Sainsbury’s.

The young sportsman said: “Pole vault requires a rigorous training regime but the thrill of competing at a world class venue such as the Olympic Park makes it all worthwhile.

“I would love to take part in the Olympics themselves in the future and will be training as hard as ever with this in mind.”

On May 30 James broke the county record, which has remained unbroken for eight years, with a jump of three metres 90.

Tim Henson, director of sport at the school said: “Pole vault is a highly specialised event calling for very particular skills and training, so it is greatly to James’ credit that he is successful at the highest level.

“Such is his dedication to the event that he works closely with younger students on pole vaulting and has done much to popularise the event at Parmiter’s.

“We feel he has huge potential and look forward to him picking up a gold medal soon.”

By Zoe Forsey, Reporter

From http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/9745414.Pole_vaulter_shows_off_talents



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