Alison Oestreich, runs down the track, sticks her pole in the air, plants and leaps on a daily basis. Living the life of a dedicated pole vaulter, Oestreich has devoted herself to this sport. Many students don’t realize how much hard work and effort is put into this sport, yet Oestreich makes it look easy.

“I would love to receive a scholarship by my senior year. I know it’s going to take a lot of dedication and time to get where I want to be, but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end,” Oestreich said.

Pole vaulters need to build upper body strength and develop core muscles. “Alison is very easy to train because she likes to work out and she pushes herself. I specifically suggest things that will make her quicker and more aware of her body in space,” Coach Allen said.

Oestreich not only prepares herself for the upcoming season, but also works on her skills for the pre- and post- seasons. “Basically, during pre- season, I am training and conditioning. In season I mainly pole vault and post season I go to camps to keep myself intact for the next season,” Oestreich said.

Oestreich attends a camp called Pole Vault City in Melbourne, Florida. It is a 5 day camp that consists of non-stop pole vaulting. “The camp helped me focus on my weak points and helped me become stronger in those areas,” Oestreich said.

It is illegal to practice pole vaulting when track is not in session, so in order for a pole vaulter to prepare for the track season, these camps are necessary.

Oestreich has all the traits of a pole vaulter. She’s quick, she has core strength and she is courageous. It shows in her attitude as well as with her awards.

“I placed sixth place out of 25 girls at Disney and I have multiple awards,” Oestreich said.

Pole Vaulting can be a dangerous sport but Oestreich has no fear and if she falls, she gets back up and tries again.

“I have never really gotten badly hurt, but last year I was in the air and I fell backwards onto the pavement. I also just recently tore my calluses in my hand and spiked my ankle, but that doesn’t stop me from trying even harder the next time I go up,” Oestreich said.

Oestreich continues to Pole Vault, at school and at camps, hopefully achieving her dreams of becoming an Olympic pole vaulter.


Alison Vaulter Magazine Pole Vaulting
Alison Vaulter Magazine Pole Vaulting

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