Perche Lavillenie champion France with 5.95 meters

The Auvergne vaulter unsurprisingly dominated the contest championships France elite Charlety stadium in Paris. Lavillenie won the final after crossing the bar at 5.95 meters. It equals his best world performance of the year.

It was believed for a moment that he would achieve the feat. It was when, easily got rid of all his opponents, Lavillenie asked that the bar is placed at 6.05 meters. Finally, the Auvergne vaulter abandoned the contest itself having hurt his hand. At 26, he still needed on these championships France elite with 5.95 meters, equaling his best world performance of the year!

Lavillenie password 5.95m championship of France 2013
The Auvergne vaulter equaled his best performance in the world this year July 14 to Charlety stadium in Paris. He won at the same time a new champion of France.

As usual, the Olympic champion in the London Olympics was alone in the world. This July 14, 2013 inside the Charléty stadium in Paris, his heir Damiel Dossevi (Montreuil) spent only 5.55 meters. Others are even lower! This new bar at 5.95 meters not only confirms the dominance of the French Lavillenie perch, but also across the international circuit.


Renaud Le Vaulter Magazine
Renaud Le Vaulter Magazine

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