Peter Chapman Signs

Peter Chapman from, Murrieta, California, signs with the University of South Dakota where he will train with other like minded individuals and be coached by the Olympian Derek Miles.

Peter was very excited for this event and has more vaulting to do with the High School before he leaves for college.  Peter has his sights set on the state title here is California, and if you know Peter you would know that his sights are zeroed in for this title.

Peter Chapman (Murrieta Valley) recently vaulted 16-3 at the CIF SOUTHERN SECTION TRACK AND FIELD FINALS where he took first place in the competition. Earlier in the year at Arcadia Invitational Peter vaulted a crisp 16-6.5 for a new PR and a Riverside County record.

Next up, Peter will travel to the Masters Meet on Friday this week to participate at the next level and show the onlookers what he brings to the plate; all the while making his home town proud.

By Doug Bouma

The VAULTER Magazine

Peter Chapman Signs

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