Peter Chapman wins big at Arcadia Invitational

Senior Peter Chapman from Murrieta Valley High School in Murrieta, California, won big at the Arcadia Invitational – Men’s Pole Vault section on Saturday, April 7, 2012. When asked what made the difference besides finally having the right size poles, Chapman said, “I was a bit stronger and faster than last year. I was able to work the poles better.”

Good conditions at the meet helped, too. “[There were] good consistent tailwinds.”

Three vaulters in addition to Chapman made it over 15′ 6.5″/4.74m — Kyser Anderson of Clovis West, Connor Rouse from Vista, and Patrick Hughes of Los Gatos.

“Whenever there are multiple guys over the high 15s or 16 feet, it’s a great competition; it gets you fired up!” lauded Chapman of the group.

Only Chapman and Anderson continued on over 16′ 0.5″/4.89m with clearances on their second and third attempts, respectively.

Both young men missed their first attempts at 16′ 6.5″/5.04m, then Peter Chapman cleared with a near-perfect vault on his second try to a wildly screaming crowd. The clearance improved both his school and the Riverside County records by six and a half inches.

Chapman yelled, victoriously raising both hands high overhead — a double PR day! The challenge unfortunately went unanswered by Anderson who vaulted twice more.

Three attempts at 16′ 9.5″/5.11m and Chapman stood to wave thanks to the huge crowds, finally shaking hands with competitors, coaches, and the judges. It had been a most excellent day.

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Peter Chapman

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