Philippine Pole Vault Club issues Safety Reminders for Our Pole Vaulters

SAFETY REMINDERS FOR OUR POLE VAULTERS Pole vaulting is often perceived by many as a dangerous activity, Though there are far more higher statistics of injury in other sports, when accident do happen in pole vaulting, it can side line you for a season or more. That is why it is very important that we understand why they happen and do everything possible to prevent them.

With our limited available facilities, we often find ourselves training altogether in one place that is Ultra Track oval in Pasig which is open to the public. While it is uplifting to hear and see spectators cheering and clapping when a pole vaulter clears a bar, it is very discouraging to see a pole vaulter having a close call or falling back to the ground instead of the soft landing pit and hurting them selves.

If a pole vaulter OFTEN barely land inside the landing pit, obviously there is something wrong and the probability of that athlete having an accident is high. As coaches it is our duty to make sensible decisions with the SAFETY of our athletes FIRST in our mind.

As an athlete or a coach, being aware of the risk of this sport doesn’t mean you are “soft” as others might think, It’s true that a pole vaulter should be “brave” but not “Foolish”. We only have one body and we are not like salamanders that can regenerate limbs. Having a healthy respect to this sport had helped me become a better athlete and let me enjoy this sport until now. Vault high, vault safe!!!


by: Emerson Obiena

Philippine Pole Vault Club
Philippine Pole Vault Club

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