Durant High School senior Margo Butler tried pole-vaulting when she was a sophomore, looking for something fun and different to do. With a natural talent for the unique track-and-field event, Butler has found success, including recently taking first place at Western Conference, with a personal best vault of 8-3. With few trainers in the area, Butler takes vaulting lessons two hours away in Melbourne.

What got you into pole vaulting?
I ran track and my brother did pole-vaulting when he was in high school and was pretty good at it. I was just running track, and my best friend and I both did it that first year together. I just tried it, and it just kind of stuck.

What do you like about it?
I like to be different, and it’s unique, because not many people did it. I ended up being pretty good at it.

How have you done in previous seasons?
Last year I got fifth at regionals and just missed making state.

Is it safe to say you hope to qualify this year?
Yes, but it’s going to be tough. State is actually on my birthday this year. Honestly, I haven’t been practicing that much, because I work all the time, but I go to Pole Vault City, in Melbourne, and train there with coach Bobby (Haeck).

On what areas have you been working?
Just running faster and improving my technique. Also trying to graduate to higher poles, so I can go higher.

How did you get involved with Pole Vault City?
My dad started talking with a parent at one of the meets, and her daughter had gone there and gotten two feet higher than her normal vaults. So, we looked it up and went over there. It’s really good, and it helps me, because a lot of girls that go there have 11, 12 or 13 feet easily, so it kind of pushes me to go higher.

When you first took up vaulting, what did you think about it?
I obviously wasn’t very good at first, but I used to do gymnastics, so it kind of resembles that. You just have to have the right technique.

Outside of sports, what keeps you busy?
I work all the time at You Say When Yogurt Shoppe.

Would you like to vault in college?
If I can get my heights up, I would love to do it in college, even if it’s a small college.

From: http://plantcityobserver.com/2013/04/04/athlete-of-the-week-margo-butler/

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