Pole Vault City Athletes Head Off To College

Pole Vault City is proud to recognize the efforts of 9 athletes that will be continuing their pole vault careers at the next level as they head off to college for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  These 9 athletes are Josh McDaniel,Winston Perry,  Annie Harwig, Stephanie Cook, Kristin Petry, Shelton McLean, Marcus Blessing, Nico Shepherd, and Katie Moshchouris.  Josh McDaniel will be travelling out of state as he will represent the University of Louisiana at Lafayette joining Mike Vani and the talented squad in the bayou.

Winston Perry will be competing at the University of South Florida where he will add to a talented squad.  Annie Harwig and Stephanie Cook will both be vaulting in the panhandle of Florida as they will represent Florida State University, Coach Haeck’s alma mater, Go Noles!.

Kristin Petry will be travelling outside the state to Kansas State University for her collegiate career.  Shelton McLean and Marcus Blessing will both be competing for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville joining former state champion David Shepherd. Nico Shepherd will be a dual sport athlete for the panthers at Florida International University where he will compete in both football and pole vaulting.  Katie Moschouris will be working with former St. Thomas Aquinas coach, John Guarino, at Florida Atlantic University.

It goes without saying how proud we are of these athletes and wish them all the best of luck at their new schools.  For 9 athletes to move on and compete at the next level is one of the greatest acheivements for Pole Vault City.  This acheivement speaks volumes about the students’ and their drive to succeed. It also speaks volumes about their support group, family and friends, that make all of these dreams a reality for each athlete. I look forward to writing more articles about these young men and women as their collegiate careers take flight.

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