n the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s not often we stumble across something so unusual we haven’t seen it before. But this weekend, The Louisville Summer Games — a weekend of extreme sports competition that benefits the Louisville Youth Training Center — will feature both The Vault in the Ville, a competition for world-class pole vaulters, and a cross-fit battle dubbed ‘The Battle of the Bluegrass.’ So grab your camera and head down to 4th Street Live! this weekend to experience something few in Kentuckiana have witnessed before.

Street vault

The Vault in the Ville “street vault” competition is mirrored after events popular across Europe and other countries around the world. A street vault takes the track and field event of pole vaulting out of the stadium and into a public place. Combine the excitement of the competition with high-energy music, food, drink and spectator cheering and clapping and it becomes family-friendly fun.

The fourth annual Vault in the Ville will be divided this year into elite pole vaulters on Saturday and an open division on Sunday. Saturday’s event will include as many as 20 of the top pole vaulters from across the United States.

Spectators will have an up-close view of the athletes as they sprint at top speed down the center of 4th Street Live!, plant their pole, then soar over a horizontal bar so high that from street level it will look as though the athletes may scrape their feet along the pedway linking one side of the street to the other.

“It may look that way but we’re never in any danger of that happening,” said Chip Heuser, event organizer and NCAA champion pole vaulter.

Heuser, a graduate of St. Xavier and the University of Oklahoma, has a closet full of state pole-vaulting records and trophies. He inherited his love of the sport from his father, Louis Heuser. The senior Heuser is a Pleasure Ridge Park alum and a collegiate pole vaulter from the late ’60s and early ’70s at the University of Florida.

The Heusers’ lengthy association with the sport helped them persuade some of the top pole vaulters in the nation to head to Louisville for the annual event — but a healthy prize purse doesn’t hurt either. The winner will take home $2,000, second place $1,000 and third $500.

One competitor to keep an eye out for is Outdoor National Champion Sam Kendricks, who will compete Saturday. Kendricks has jumped more than 19-feet in competition and will be among the elite athletes vying for the grand prize.

Becky Holliday, a California native and member of the 2012 Olympic team, will also be in Louisville to compete in the Women’s Elite division. Holliday has previously competed in The Vault in the Ville competition where she met her finance, Chip Heuser. After the Vault in the Ville, Heuser and Holliday will move to Arkansas where they’ll both train with their sights set on qualifying for the 2016 Olympics.

Battle of the Bluegrass

If pole vaulting isn’t your speed, head down to the event to catch the Battle of the Bluegrass Crossfit competition. Crossfit competitions have become popular over the past decade thanks in part to ESPN’s coverage of the sport. Super-fit men and women compete in a variety of events, such as power lifting, gymnastics, climbing ropes, ring handstand, push-ups, tossing giant tires and Olympic lifting.

“You are watching elite athletes who have trained extremely hard to compete,” said JoEllyn McAtee, owner of Crossfit Bluegrass and organizer of Battle of the Bluegrass.

Saturday and Sunday’s Crossfit competition at 4th Street Live! is an opportunity for local Crossfit athletes to showcase their skill and a chance for the public to gain a better understanding of what the new sport is all about. Saturday morning will be an competition for local elite Crossfit athletes while Sunday is a master’s event.

“Watching the master’s competition is incredibly inspirational and motivating” said McAtee. “When you see what people who are 40 or 50 years old and what they are able to do physically because they have made fitness a priority rather than slowing down and becoming sedentary — it’s really amazing to watch.”

Meet the Athletes

Whether you choose to head downtown to catch the pole vaulters sail through the air during The Vault in the Ville, or watch as the Crossfit athletes lift and jerk their way through The Battle of the Bluegrass, keep in mind that in the tradition of outdoor street competitions — the Summer Games also includes a party.

At the end of Saturday’s event, the after-party begins at Tavern on Fourth. Once you’ve watched them compete, meet the athletes, enjoy some music and tip back a beer on the upper terrace at 4th Street Live! Like all the other events of the Summer Games weekend, this one is free and open to the public.

The Louisville Summer Games will benefit The Louisville Youth Training Center, a local non-profit program focused on creating a community of healthy boys and girls through fitness and nutrition education and activity.

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Saturday — 2015 Summer Games

The Battle of the Bluegrass Elite Competition

When: Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Where: 4th Street Live!, 420 W. Liberty St.

Vault in the Ville Elite Competition

When: Saturday. Women begin at 5 p.m. Men begin approximately 7:30 p.m.

Where: 4th Street Live!

*all times are approximate and depend on when the prior event concludes

Sunday — The 2015 Summer Games

The Battle of the Bluegrass Masters (age 40 +) competition

When: Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Where: 4th Street Live!, 420 W. Liberty St.

Vault in the Ville Open Division

When: Sunday, June 7

High school girls and boys start at 9 a.m. Open women and men start approximately 1:30 p.m.*

Where: Fourth Street Live!

*all times are approximate and depend on when the prior event concludes


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