Pole Vault High Bar Drills

If a vaulter can do these three drills they have all the gymnastic skills required to pole vault.

The first drill is a “long hang pull over”, the goal is just to swing long then break at abs enough to get body on top of the bar. During this drill you can get a bigger swing and mimic controlling a fast moving swing from a fast run.

The second drill is a ‘Swinging Bubka’. The goal here is to do a little tap swing and work on swinging fast off the top of the pole. This drill requires you to role your hips and abs up a little more. Unlike the long hang pull over where the goal is to just get upside down, the goal to this is to redirection the swing so that your heels can drive up and slightly behind your hands so that your body can fully extend like you are coming off the pole.

The last drill is just a strength building drill. It does not directly mimic a technique I teach, but just good shoulder, core, and upper back strength. If you can do it without the foot behind the bar, go for it, just most people can not.

High Bar Drills
High Bar Drills


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