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It’s no secret, Moscow and the pole vault with the ladies-with Yarisley Silva could be the perfect combination for Cuba managed to retake the lost golden path in Daegu 2011.

It’s no secret, Moscow and the pole vault with the ladies – with Yarisley Silva – could well be the perfect combination for Cuba managed to retake the lost golden path in Daegu 2011, after continuously hearing the National Anthem between Stuttgart 1993 and Berlin 2009.

Today we propose to review some statistics notes emanating from the history of this young specialty and some thoughts ahead of the World Cup in a few days will host the Russian capital.

– Unofficially, the first record with the ladies is 3.05 m, with U.S. authorship of Irene Spieker in 1979.

– Officially, the credit belongs to the Sun Cayun Chinese athlete who jumped 4.05 meters on May 21, 1992 in Nanjing.

– The evolution of the record of the world took to the Chinese Sun and Zhang Guiqing Cayun as early protagonists, and “spent” by the hands of others such as Australian Emma George, the German Andrea Muller, the Czech Daniela Bartova and American Stacy Dragila before Yelena Isinbayeva that came on the scene.

– In the era of Isinbayeva, but his compatriot Svetlana Feofanova has managed to snatch the domain, when the July 4, 2004 jumped 4.88 m in Iráklio. Three weeks later, on July 25 in Birmingham, Isinbayeva reclaimed the record adding 1 inch, and since then he has not cede.

– The pole vault (f) was made official at the 1999 Seville World and seven world championships are 13 women who have been, at least once, on the podium.

– China, despite scoring the beginning of this complex athletic mode, never had a medal in these events.

– United States, Russia, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic, each with two representatives, mark the lead in the women honored in this specialty.

– Russia, however, boasts the biggest haul with 7 medals (3-1-3). Poland will escort four (1-2-1) and the United States won three (2-1-0).

– The first world medalists proved Stacy Dragila (USA-4.60 m), Anzhela Balakhonova (UKR-4.55 m) and Tatiana Grigorieva (AUS-4.45 m).

– Russia’s Svetlana Feofanova is the most times has been on the podium, it has done on four occasions: 2003 Paris gold, silver in 2011 and bronze in Edmonton Osaka 2007 and Daegu 2011. Interestingly, all his medals came with identical record 4.75 m. His compatriot Yelena Isinbayeva (2-0-1) and Poland’s Monika Pyrek (0-2-1) have done three times.

– Yelena Isinbayeva, holder of 28 world records, owns 17 of the top 20 brands that have achieved outdoors.

– Brazil’s Fabiana Murer is the only Latin American which has become medalist. He succeeded in Daegu 2011, where he won the gold medal with jump 4.85 m (PB).

– The record for the world championships is 5.01 m, Yelena Isinbayeva, made on August 12, 2005 in Helsinki.

– Jennifer Suhr, double Olympic medalist (gold in London 2012 and silver in Beijing 2008), do not file global medals under his belt. His best performance is the fourth place with 4.70 m jump negotiated in 2011.

– Stacy Dragila (Sevilla Edmonton ’99 and ’01) and Yelena Isinbayeva (Helsinki Osaka ’05 and ’07) have two titles each. Svetlana Feofanova (Paris ’03), Anna Rogowska (Berlin ’09) and Fabiana Murer (’11 Daegu) complete the list of creditors of the seven titles he has distributed specialty.

So, Moscow is presented as a scenario where the pole is above the rest of the specialties, the big show of the lid, given the presence of the local hero Isinbayeva.

A scenario of absences, rivalries and pressures. From the above quotation medalists, Fabiana Murer only be in Moscow 2013. Germany’s Martina Strutz (silver) Moscow lid is lost by being injured, while Svetlana Feofanova (bronze) failed to rank in the trials of his country after failing three times with the rod 4.15 m. Britain’s Holly Bleasdale will be another great absent in the Russian capital, beset by trouble from the start of the season.

If it is forecast, with the ‘coming’ climate makes accessing the honor roll must exceed 4.80 m, with 4.90 m ready on the menu when fighting to be crowned.

Yarisley Silva, only athlete who has jumped over 4.80 m this season goes as wide favorite for the title. Isinbayeva’s presence is largely symbolic, but the truth is that Russia, since 2009, can not with 4.80 m outdoors. His best record in recent years has been the 4.78 he got in Ostrava, last June 27.

There are about six athletes that make advanced to the final and there will be pressure for all: Suhr should halt his slump in world, for reasons of illness, injury or simply not give good note when she has not won medals in these events. Isinbayeva, nor speak, she has sold the stadium and brings on his shoulders the weight of being the star, from the ground up how many medals and promotion on Moscow there, and act on their land, which – according his own words – you are due a decent performance.

For the German Silke Spiegelburg, discreet this season, Moscow is another chance to redeem himself, to prove that there will remain the eternal promise for a few years has flirted with the elite, but has never set foot on a podium at the highest level.

Fabiana Murer, on condition of defending champion (although now it looks difficult for him to endorse its title), and premiering Yarisley favorite role.

Obviously, the handsome Cuban, nor rain, nor wind, nor the public 100 000 Russians are obstacles enough to turn their dreams.

Another apparently the need to have is with Anastasia Savchenko, 24, good technique, acceptable progression and Russian. Personally, I am confident enough in the theory of danger from the Russians in Russia.


I favor that “sound with and ‘Yarisley Silva, Yelena Isinbayeva and Jennifer Suhr. The order will leave the Luzhniki, with 100 000 Russians involved, will be dictating the last words.

Only one thing is clear, we must jump and with good weather in between, the rod must climb up high.

Attention, Cuba, the final will be on August 13, with agreed start time to 11:35 am (19:35 Russian time).


Silva IAAF Vaulter Magazine
Silva IAAF Vaulter Magazine

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