Soaring above the competition has become a habit for OTHS senior Jack Klopfenstein over the past four high school track seasons.

After completing a stellar track campaign last spring, the Panther pole vaulter has achieved even greater heights as he begins his final track season for O’Fallon Twp.

In his first two meets of 2013, Klopfenstein has garnered blue ribbons with vaults above 14’. His first victory came in the Carbondale Indoor meet which included vaulters from Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky.

Doubling down on his performance, the Panther pole vaulter, the son of Lynn and Anita Klopfenstein, did it again, defeating a large field of contenders to take the first place medal at the Principia Indoor.

“Jack is a perfect athlete for the pole vault event,”said OTHS head coach Ron Koch. “You have to have a fearless personality for the vault, and Jack has ‘no fear’.

Coach Jeremy Hayes works with the pole vaulters and has brought Jack to a level that he now is one of the top 10 in the state in his specialty.

He vaulted 14’9” last year as a junior which qualified him for the state finals. We expect him to repeat that effort this spring.”

“I have been vaulting since my freshman year, and as I look back I have chosen to keep with it because it’s an event that is difficult for most, and one many like watching,” Klopfenstein said. “Most of my success has been because of the willingness my parents to support me, my friends and lastly my coaches.”

“Being an athlete has influenced me to look outside my needs and help out younger athletes,” the OTHS senior added. “Also, being an athlete has influenced me to be more responsible and determined in other areas such as my school work and my health.”

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