The European Track and Field Championship took place in Helsinki on Saturday and  Nicole Kyriakopoulou managed to win Greece’s first medal, after finishing third in the women’s pole vault final.

Mrs Kyriakopoulou cleared 4.60 meters that night. The other two medalists cleared exactly the same height, but the Greek athlete made it with her third attempt and thus, won the bronze medal. In a bid to win the gold, the Greek pole vaulter tried three times to clear 4.70 meters, but she failed.

Now, Nicole Kyriakopoulou is counting the days to the 2012 Olympic Games of London.

The ugly truth is that besides athletic hurdles, Greek athletes face financial ones.   This means that they lack not only sports equipment but also in funds. According to an interview with The Guardian, Kyriakopoulou said that the previous year, she had missed three major international competitions because she lacked sponsors.

By Marianna Tsatsou



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