Pole vaulter Pat Manson’s kids easily beat his best mark as a freshman

LOUISVILLE — Pat Manson may have set the Colorado high school pole vault record that has stood for three decades, but his offspring are starting to make him feel like “the slacker” in the family.

Manson, who set the record at 17 feet, 3 inches for Aurora Central in 1986 and went on to a long professional career, has two kids who are getting the jump on him. His best mark as a freshman was 11-9. Last year, his son Max went 15-7 as a freshman at Monarch. Now daughter Mia is a freshman there and she’s blown past dad’s ninth-grade mark, too, going 12-8.

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DENVER, CO – APRIL 8: The Manson family from left to right, Mia Manson, freshman pole vaulter at Monarch High School, her father retired pole vaulter Pat Manson, a Colorado State record holder and three-time gold medal winner at the Pan American Games, mother Amy Manson, a neck and field All-American and Max Manson a sophomore pole vaulter at Monarch High School together at Mullen High School for the Mullen Invitational April 8, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

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