Pole vaulter Wojo opens up about music and digital transformation

Pole vaulter Neal “Wojo” Wojdowski sat down and chatted with this journalist at a cafe in Manhattan. He spoke about his athletic career and his work as a musician.

2019 will mark Wojo’s 23rd season as a pole vaulter. “I’ve been pole vaulting since I was in seventh grade,” he said. “I was two-time state champion in high school and three-time Ivy League champion in college. My personal best is 5.16 meters. I still compete and I still coach.”

Wojo is drawn to the sport of pole vaulting since he loves competing and being an athlete. “I love putting the work in and seeing the results,” he said. “I love hanging with the people that I compete against, and I call them my friends. We are not so much competing against each other, we are competing against gravity. The pole vault community is great. I love being a part of it.”

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