Pole Vaulters Coming Back to Clovis!

2013 marks the 13th Annual NAPVA Championships held in Old Town Clovis – Friday, July 26th.

Old Town Clovis is honored to host this event and work with Coach Bob Fraley to make it a successful event.

Started as a way to promote the sport of Track and Field and the Pole Vault, the event has grown into one of the premier pole vaulting competitions in the United States.

Many of the top pole vaulters in the world have competed here including Olympic Pole Vault Medalists Nick Hysong (Gold 2000), Stacy Dragila (Gold 2000), Tim Mack (Gold 2004), Lawrence Johnson (Silver 2000), Toby Stevenson (Silver 2004) as well as Olympians Giovanni Lanaro (Mexico), Kory Tarpenning (U.S.A.), Tim Bright (U.S.A.) and Melissa Mueller (U.S.A.).

World Class Pole Vaulters, future Olympians, music, fun and fans make the North American Pole Vault Association Championships a premier event!



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