Pole Vaulters Sprint Down Dauphin Street

MOBILE, Ala. -One by one, pole vaulters showed off their skills in downtown Mobile.

Over 100 pole vaulters came together at the 3rd annual Dauphin Street Vault, each with their own story.

“I was a javelin thrower in high school. And in my junior year I got to do all of the events. And I said you know this pole vault thing is a lot of fun, and I’m pretty good at it. So I did it for Louisiana tech, and I still hold the record at Louisiana tech,” said vaulter Jon Lopez from Pensacola.

There were all types of pole vaulters, from the young beginners the more experienced people. They all have special tips to share. For Reagan Lelua, who is only 13 years old, she focuses on the counting rhythm.

“When you run, you gotta start off with 6 step, you start off slow.. 1 2 and then when it gets to three.. 1, flip, then jump,” said Lelua.

Some say pole vaulting is a dangerous sport.

“It’s not as scary as people thing. Let’s say you break a pole. It hurts your hand, but its not too bad,”said Lelua.

Although pole vaulting is an individual sport, it’s clear that pole vaulters root for each other, and stick together.

“The folks that I’ve met though more than anything else, the camaraderie is unbelievable. It’s not NCAA where you’re competing with your school and you have to be closed off. This is all about, well how can I help you do better. What do you want to jump today? Lets have some fun.. And heck you get to lay down at the end,” said Eric Negley who is from Atlanta.

Dauphin Street Vault
Dauphin Street Vault

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