From the University of Michigan, Charles Dvorak was unfortunate not to win an Olympic medal in 1900. He went to the field on the Sunday for which the event had been scheduled only to be told that, for sabattarian reasons, the event would not be held that day.

It was held, however, and Irving Baxter won with a modest vault of 10-10 (3.30) after Dvorak and his two colleagues, Bascom Johnson and Daniel Horton, had left the scene. The following day a “consolation” event was held, which Horton won at 11-3¾ (3.45) with Dvorak second at 11-1¾ (3.39).

Four years later in St. Louis, under more organized circumstances, Dvorak won the gold medal with a new Olympic record of 11-6 (3.50) and had three failures at a new world record height of 12-2 (3.71). He also won the AAU in 1901 and 1903 and was in a six-way tie for first at the 1901 IC4A. He was the first vaulter to use a bamboo pole instead of the ash or hickory pole which had been in vogue for many years.

Personal Bests: PV – 11-9 (3.58) (1904).


Charles Dvorak
Charles Dvorak

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