Pole Vaulting To Success

How  Does Pole Vaulting Push You To Success

Here Is an email I got from Bob Proctor today and thought it was worth sharing with you

When I was a youngster in school, I participated in track and field. I suppose we all did to one degree or another. Pole-vaulting was my specialty; it was the one event I seemed to do much better at than others.

I clearly remember sending that cross bar flying more often than I cleared it. I also remember being very critical of myself when that happened. I suppose knocking the bar off left me with a feeling that I had failed, that I had missed the mark. Unfortunately, nobody ever advised me of any differently.

Looking back today, years older and hopefully much wiser, I often wish that someone had helped me and my friends to understand that we weren’t failing when we knocked the cross bar off – we were succeeding. Every time we did make it over the bar, the teacher would raise it to a new height and for the next few vaults the bar would go flying again, which was actually a good thing. In reality, it caused us to stretch, to do more than we thought we could do. Had they left it at the same height, in a short time we would have been clearing the bar without effort and would have probably lost interest in the sport. There wouldn’t have been any challenge left in it for us.

Many years ago Earl Nightingale explained, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Although reaching the goal is always a rewarding experience – it’s not success in itself. Success is moving toward the goal and the obstacles and lessons we learn by going beyond what we think we can do. When we were knocking down the cross bar, we were attempting to reach the goal and were stretching, giving it everything we had. That could hardly be considered failing.

Every time we ran down the field, lowering the pole into the box, trying to vault ourselves over the bar, we were challenging ourselves. That, in itself,is the only useful purpose of a goal. When you challenge yourself, you are bringing more of yourself to the surface. If you knock the bar flying today, go at it again … you’re definitely moving in the right direction.

You’re a success,

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