Q&A: Gardner soaring to new heights

GPA: 3.0

Sports: soccer, track and field (all-state pole vaulter), basketball (freshman and sophomore years)

College: undecided

Mayor: Dental Hygiene

Parents and sibling: Melody and Stormy Gardner and one brother named Brock

Question: What are your expectations for your senior season in soccer and track and field?

Answer: In soccer, I would like to have the most wins and go further in tournament than any other Warren High school girls soccer team. As a senior in track, I would like to break the 100- meter hurdle record at my school. I would like to compete well in the state track meet in the field event pole-vault, again. Also, I would like to break my personal record of 11-feet, 1-inch in the pole-vault.

Q: What are some sports highlights in your high school career?

A: Going to state was a huge highlight of my high school career. I worked so had to achieve that honor. Not only that, but placing 8th at state in Division I taking the tittle of “All State” at my high school. I will be able to have my picture in the school forever. Winning SEOAL (Southeastern Ohio Athletic League) last year in soccer was a highlight also.

Q: What do you do in the winter between the soccer and track seasons?

A: I played basketball my freshman and sophomore year. Last winter between sports I practiced pole-vault indoor at Marietta College and competed in one indoor meet. Also, I played indoor soccer. This year in-between sports I would like to practice more pole-vault indoor and compete in more indoor meets.

Q: Do you think you might be competing in college in one or both sports? and why?

A: Most likely not, if I do a sport in college it will be the sport of track and field, pole-vaulting. I am not planning to go to a college for sports as of right now because a lot of schools I’m looking at do not have both the major dental hygiene and a track team.

Q: Do you think you would like to coach someday in either sport? and why?

A: I don’t think I will be a major coach in either sports. Maybe my kids soccer team at a low age because I like to have fun and would make it fun for them. It is hard for me to take things seriously; I am a very hard worker, but it is more about having fun for me.

Q: How about influences, or people who have had an impact on your life?

A: My mother is my biggest fan and believes I can do anything I put my mind to. I would like to thank my dad for giving me my incredible athletic ability, competitiveness, determination, and supporting me in anything I do. My soccer team keeps me going even at the worst times; especially my seniors that have been with me all four years, Natalie O’Dell and Jordan Smrek. Our goalie Janet (Janelle Barth), is simply awesome. But my biggest motivators would go out to the people who said I couldn’t do it because of my size, I greatly enjoy proving them wrong.



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