Brent Michell would’ve been more likely to have built a pole vault pit than know how to use it 30 years ago.

That’s when Michell thought his future involved buildings and construction.

That lasted all of one term, though, at Ferris State University.

Michell soon changed his major to education and, needless to say, it’s worked out pretty well for the Reed City resident.

Michell is retiring after 30 years as a math teacher on Tuesday, June 18 and recently wrapped up a 29-year career as Reed City’s track and field coach.

“I was attracted to sports and to coaching…my whole family was involved in it,” Michell said. “I really loved my math class, though, and I thought more and more about teaching.

“It’s been a great way to raise a family and it’s been a great 30 years.”

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