Renaud Lavillenie and Philippe D’encausse Interview Questions

Hello everyone, this is Doug from the office of Vaulter Magazine.
From time to time, I reach out to you for suggestions and ideas about the world of pole vault that engulfs our life throughout the year.
This year we really want to offer more in-depth interviews with the coaches that have always captivated our thoughts while training some of the best in the world. We started with Rick Suhr and now we have Philippe D’encausse (Renaud Lavillenie coach), and Vitali Petrov the coach of Bubka.
With that said, we would like your questions for Philippe D’encausse (Renaud Lavillenie coach) before Friday. We have the interview set up and ready to go for the issue of the magazine and video. We plan to sit them down together and ask them both the questions you want to hear.
Please do your homework and ask questions that pertain to the record and a few technical items. Of course there is a slight language barrier so please be as clear as possible for us.
You can send these questions through our contact form or through Facebook.
Thank you, Doug Bouma
Vaulter Magazine LLC.
Renaud 6.16
Renaud 6.16

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