Renaud Lavillenie Olympic Training Center 2015 Visit

Today was an epic day for the crew at Vaulter Magazine as we watched the World Record Holder enjoy some jumping in the sun. Around 4:oo pm we traveled with our club kids ( down to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, for day two of our picture and video experience for the kids.

Once again the excitement and level of vaulting was top notch, not to mention the weather was remarkable. 75 degrees at the most with an incredible tail wind to move the vaulters right along. Coach Philippe D’encausse stated that this facility is his favorite with all that it has to offer.  Could not imagine why any pole vaulter in the world would not come here and pole vault daily.

If it’s good enough for the World Record Holder and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, I would think that it would be good enough for anyone.

Until next time, we will see all of you at the next pole vaulting event near you. Please have a look at our newest drone footage of this day.

Take a “Video Break” on us and sit back and enjoy the show!



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