Vaulter Magazine is bringing them back! PoleSkinz for your pole vaulting pole.

At one time we carried all types and sizes of PoleSkinz, and now we have them back.

Dress up your pole vault poles, track gear, fishing poles, radios, wagons, benches and more, with customized, stylish and artistic PoleSkinz and add an entirely new dimension to the look.

Personalized PoleSkinz offers a great way to not only adore your beloved track and field gear; they are an expression of your taste and personality. Adding to the styling of your accessories or pole vault poles, PoleSkinz is sure to make heads turn at every meet.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pole vault poles and accessories, PoleSkinz is a creative means to make a style statement on the runway and turn your poles into a one of a kind appearance. And what’s better than being able to design your own PoleSkinz that are durable and safe. Super Quality PoleSkinz for a Sleek and Smooth Look, our personalized PoleSkinz are made from superb quality material that offers a smooth, clean and sleek look. Providing the highest quality to our clients is our mission.

Therefore, we do not compromise on the quality of our products. Stylish, durable and easy to install, our PoleSkinz offer you greater flexibility when it comes to dressing up your personal or team pole vault poles and accessories. Your PoleSkinz can be installed directly on your poles, height indicators, or your standards.

Best way that we use these PoleSkinz is to MARK / LABEL and identify your poles. Buy the 4″ x 60″ sticker and slice them at 12″ and wrap many poles. This way you will have FIVE (5) individual pole stickers to identify your poles.

Please see the cost breakdown below.

1 – 5   60″ Strips $20each

6 – 25   60″ Strips $15 each

26 – 50   60″ Strips $10 Each

$17.95 Shipping throughout the United States

Art Design fee $25.00 – You can design your own. 4″ x 60″ at 300 dpi.

Remove the trademark logo – $45.00

Product details:

Film :100 micron white monomeric calendered vinyl.

Backing paper :Clay coated crafted paper, 125 gsm.


Our PoleSkinz pole wraps or pole skins are made from a durable material that makes them last longer without fading away. Heat and water resistant, our opaque car decals retain their color and shine and remain the same for years.

Ready to Experience our PoleSkinz? Our passion for excellence will surely give you the results above and beyond your imagination.

Below are some of our pre-made selections that you can order from. Just comment below which one you would like, pay for the item and the shipping fee.

Click here to start your custom order today!

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