Rio Olympics 2016: Kiwi pole vaulter without any poles

Kiwi Olympian vaulter Eliza McCartney has a major problem – her poles have not turned up in Rio.

McCartney revealed today that while she has been in Rio since the beginning of the Games, her most important piece of equipment is yet to arrive.

“We’ve been promised they’ll be here this morning,” the chirpy Auckland teenager said after another day of waiting when her poles failed to arrive on the plane they were expected on.
“I’ve still got a few days for them to turn up. Hopefully they will. We did actually ship a (extra) set over just to be careful.

“I wouldn’t usually take two sets to an event but I really wouldn’t want to turn up at the Olympics without my poles,” she said laughing.

McCartney, ranked seventh in the world this year, competes from Sunday.





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