Risen Performance with Nick Hysong is a sports performance training and education facility for those who wish to reach their full potential.

Located in Phoenix Arizona, we are currently running monthly programs to help pole vaulters, volleyball players, football players, and other athletes prepare, mature, and excel in their sports. We make athletes sprint faster, react quicker, and play with more confidence. If you are a Pole Vaulter, Football player, Sprinter, Volleyball player, or an athlete needing speed and strength contact us to get started today!

Fall Training Programs

ATTENTION: Practice is being moved to 3:30 on October 1st. Please check the schedule.

To practice with us at RISEN Performance we do require you to have a current USATF membership.

from: http://www.risenperformance.com/

Nick Hysong's Rising Performance
Nick Hysong’s Rising Performance

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