River Vault a big hit at Riverfest

For the last two days, specators at Riverside Park saw athlete vault 13, 14 even 15 feet in the air.

The 8th annual River Vault is a street pole vault competition featuring athletes as young as 12 years old to as old as 56 years old.

This event has grown over the years.  In 2010, only 25 vaulters competed.  There were 100 vaulters this year.

And event coordinators say the River Vault has become a premiere attraction each year.

“Riverfest has always been a great event over the summer.  At the time I was on the track team and we were talking about how cool it would be to have a street vault down at Riverfest and we just kind of started the conversations and they thought it would be awesome,” River Vault coordinator Jeremiah Burish said.

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