The state pole vault record has been broken.

Riverton’s Robbie Walker stepped back and cleared 16 feet 3 inches to break a state record that has stood since 1995, culminating of his hard work and the help of specific trainers.

“Robbie has trained with us for several years,” Utah Pole Vault Academy director and Bingham High assistant track coach Kody Pierce said. “He is a good athlete. We say he has great hops. He is a hard worker. He committed himself and had the state record in mind for a couple of years.”

Walker jumped over 15 feet last season as a junior. His teammate, Trent James, went higher than him and provided some good healthy competition and set his mind to attaining his goal.

“I think he saw what he could do and knew he had this year to train to reach the state record. He has worked his butt off,” Pierce said.

Pole vault has only been a track scoring event for girls and boys in smaller classifications for five years. Some schools did not even own the equipment until recently.

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