Ronn Flaim of Delsea is’s boys track and field Coach of the Year, 2019

Everyone thinks pole vaulters are a little crazy so that must make this coach totally off his rocker.

While most coaches would be satisfied to see one of his pole vaulters clear opening height, Delsea coach Ronn Flaim knew that his team was going to be built around his high flyers. Not sprinters, not distance runners, not throwers or jumpers … pole vaulters.

When all was said and done, juniors Marco and Nico Morales were routinely over 15 feet and senior Ryan Jillard cleared 14-1.

It was an unorthodox approach to 2019 but added up to what turned into an unexpected championship season after Delsea won its second straight state title despite losing so many key contributors to graduation.

“That was an unbelievable team not just talent-wise, but kids that would do anything you asked them,” Flaim said about his 2018 team that won the Group 3 title. “They were 100 percent all in on the same goal.”

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