Royal City taking to pole vault

New Westminster youth club only group in the Royal City to offer pole vault instruction

Kinsey Weir won a silver medal in the pole vault with a vault of 2.80 metres in the 16/17 year old age category at the Jesse Bent Memorial track meet in Coquitlam last week.

Royal City Track and Field is the only New Westminster club to offer coaching in pole vault and a growing number of Royal City junior development and midget athletes are taking the sport.

Brianna Bates took silver in the girls’ 14/15 pole vault with height of 1.80m, while in the boys’ event, Emmanuel Dadson won gold, vaulting 2.30m. Ian Hunter won bronze with a 1.90m vault.
For 13-year-old boys, Royal City athlete Max Jones won gold with a vault of 1.90m.
The Royal City kids are coached pole vault by Alex Bouzane, who is a former competitor for both the University of British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He competed in the 1990 and 1995 Western Canada Games and the 1993 Canada Games. He has been pole vaulting for over 20 years and still competes at select meets for Royal City as a masters athlete.




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