Sadie Lovett Joins Vaulter Magazine

Vaulter Magazine would like to introduce Sadie Lovett as the newest member to our writing staff. Sadie is a wonderful addition to our magazine and has the experience necessary to put forth some interesting material for the magazine. Below is a short bio and information from Sadie.

“I am a senior English major and professional writing minor at Eastern Illinois University and I will be graduating in May 2015. I have been pole vaulting for six years and I pole vault for Eastern’s track team. Before college, I was a member for the Flying Dragons Pole Vault Club.

There I received the best coaching. That club is the reason I pole vault here at Eastern. I could not have done it without those coaches! This last spring, I won women’s pole vault for the Ohio Valley Conference. Despite several injuries, I was very blessed last year with the coaching I had. After graduation, I honestly do not know what I want to do! I hope to be editing and writing, which is why working for Vaulter Magazine is such a great opportunity for me!

I do plan to continue my pole vault career after college. So having this job will keep me involved in the pole-vault world in the best way possible! I have always loved what this magazine has done for pole vaulters all over the nation and the support they have for every one of our elite pole vaulters! God only knows what the future holds for me, but I am very excited to take this next step in my life!”

Thank you Sadie and good things are soon to come! Welcome aboard!

Vaulter Magazine


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