Salzburg City Jump: world-class sports in the old town

What else takes place only in athletic stadiums, the organizers brought the “Salzburg City Jump” in the middle of the old town. There was pole vault on Weltkl

Around 4,000 spectators formed a unique backdrop for the twelve international pole vault athletes. They showed excellence. However , some kids sent on to follow in the footsteps of the great . After only three sessions in the previous week , it brought the young at considerable heights .
Victory goes to Denmark

Top performances at the world-class tied the visitors almost 3 hours, until the Danish World Cup participants from Moscow , 2013, Rasmus Jorgensen , the winner of this inaugural event was certain . Considerable 5.50m had to be crossed for the win. This height also skipped the runner-up Nicolette Marek’s Arents (subscriber London 2012 Olympic Games , World Championships Moscow , 2013) , which , however, had to be recorded more unsuccessful attempts on his account. 3rd place went to 5.40m to the third party the U23 European Championship, the German Daniel Clemens .
Austrian Jahresbestleistung

Best and simultaneously starter was the only Austrian national champion Paul Kilbertus from ALC Wels , made with the 5.20 m for an Austrian court Jahresbestleistung and 7th Michael had Pusterhofer of the Union Salzburg Athletics because of an injury he had suffered in the last preparation training , cancel at short notice .

1st place: Rasmus Jorgensen (DEN / 5.50m ) , 2nd place : Marek’s Arents (LAT / 5.50m / more failed attempts ) , 3rd place: Daniel Clemens (GER / 5.40m ) Seat 4: Leo Lohre (GER / 5.20m ) Seat 5: Nikita Filippov (KAZ / 5.20m ) Seat 6: Marco Boni (ITA / 5.20 m ) , 7th place: Paul Kilbertus ( AUT / 5.20m ) Seat 8: Daniel Gardner ( GBR / 5.10m ) Seat 9: Rhys Searles (GBR / 4.80 m ) place 10: Cameron Walker – Shepherd (GBR / 4.80 m )
Kids on show

Earlier in the afternoon ensured the participants in the pole vault camps that took place prior to the Salzburg City jumps, great atmosphere and great performances that inspired not only the audience but also professional men / women . After three training sessions in the previous week , the ten kids presented in remarkable shape – what the loudly cheering audience certainly had a large share. Cederic Demoulin narrowly beat Melanie Niederdorfer . Both jumped over 2.60 m which had Demoulin ( as with the bigger models ) to fewer bad attempts. 3rd place went to Yanick Farmer Anger at 2.20 m.

Salzburger Cityjump
Salzburger Cityjump


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