Cameron Thomas is a senior from Windsor high school in Windsor, Colorado. last year, before the outdoor spring season of track and field, Cameron has never touched a vaulting pole. Starting his junior year of track, in a couple weeks it came pretty natural to him. our first meet, just two weeks after starting on March first, he vaulted his first meet at 10’6. Determined to catch up to his teammates, he made the effort to move longer poles and heavier poles while studying to improve the pole vaulting technique along the way. In only 12 short weeks, that dedication would later pay off with a new school record and a second place finish in the Colorado State Championships in the 4A school division.

From March 1st to May 22nd, Cameron went from 0’0″ to 14’9″ breaking the previous school record of 14’6.5″. With one record broken, It was an easy decision to keep that momentum going. Now, Cameron’s sights are set on taking the Colorado 4A record, state meet record, and overall state record set by Pat Manson at 17’7.5″.

Things are looking good for Cameron. the 2022 indoor season went as well as It could have gone, having an undefeated season in Colorado. Developing new techniques and moving up a couple of poles has brought that new personal record up from 14’9″ to 16’3″. Cameron ended the indoor season at the New Balance Indoor nationals in Boston, Massachusetts with a 7th place finish at 15’9″ for a first indoor nationals competition.

   Leading into the Colorado outdoor season, Cameron has a lot of confidence. with clearing 16′ and higher in competition 4 times now, and his 16’3″ indoor mark leading Colorado, He is excited to start this outdoor season at Windsor high schools home meet 03/18/2023. Cameron is commited to Virginia Military Institue track and field in Lexington, Virginia and hopes to one day compete in the Olympic games.

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