The busyness of the new school year is upon us, and next year or beyond can seem like the last thing we need to worry about right now.  However, it is never too early for our high school readers and their parents to start thinking about the most important part of the college application process- the admissions essay.  This month our College Connection column has some great tips on how to write this sometimes-intimidating essay.  Our College Connection writer, Penny Hanson, has also provided us with a way to contact her for help.  Very exciting!

We have also added a piece titled “The Secrets of Nutritional Balance” to our September issue, which is also very exciting.  We have not touched on this topic too much in the past, so this is a nice touch that we hope will be helpful to you.  Good nutrition is very important for athletes, but diet and exercise have to be kept at a healthy level for optimal performance and body condition.  This article has some great tips for keeping that healthy balance.

In addition to our college and nutrition advice, Bubba Sparks has given us more of his words of wisdom in regards to perfecting technique, such as starting from close, and keeping passionate about vaulting.  There is nothing like hearing from those with so much experience.  We are confident you are enjoying Bubba’s tips as much as we are, so enjoy.

Allan Williams, our old-timer vaulter for this month, brings his wisdom to the table as well.  This inspiring man has been through a lot more than most and is still keeping at it.  Williams has managed to stay strong and keep jumping high since 1967.  Please do not miss his story.

Finally, the well-traveled and high-jumping Mary Saxer has brought her story to us and we are delighted to feature her.  She sheds light on parts of vaulting we have not talked about before.  Her story is exciting and full of accomplishment.  Saxer also shares her thoughts on how athletes must learn to do what is best for them, and keep going for greatness.

Please enjoy this informative and exciting issue.  As always, thank you for reading.  Good luck with the new school year and season also.  See you next month.

Doug Bouma ~ Vaulter Magazine

September 2013 Mary Saxer Cover
September 2013 Mary Saxer Cover

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