August 2022 High School Nationals

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Welcome once again! The past month treated us to a series of incredible pole vault performances. From the USA Nationals meet, where qualifiers earned their tickets to the global stage at the World Championships in Budapest, we transition our focus to the heart of this edition – the 2023 USATF USA National Championships.

On the Cover:

Gracing our cover is the determined Katie Moon, setting her sights on a remarkable journey to dominate the realm of pole vaulting and ascend to the throne as the Queen of Pole Vault. With her remarkable drive and skill, it’s only a matter of time before she claims this coveted title. With a victory at the USA Championships and a remarkable tie at the world championships, her ascension to pole vault royalty is well within reach.

Recording your athletes:

Recording your pole vaulting sessions with a camera offers a plethora of advantages. Not only does it facilitate the analysis of your technique, form adjustments, and progress tracking, but it also acts as a motivational tool. Unlike the past, where instant viewing was limited, today’s era provides accessible playback. Primary reasons to record your vaults include refining your technique through self-observation; spotting issues like leaning or incorrect pole planting angle and rectifying them. Progress tracking becomes evident as you witness your evolution over time, motivating your journey. Recording pre and post-training programs helps gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. It aids coaching, offering coaches insights for feedback, collectively identifying areas of enhancement. In competition, your footage becomes a personalized reference, granting multiple angles and replay for detailed analysis. Furthermore, creating highlight reels proves advantageous for recruiting, showcasing skills to coaches and sharing achievements. While drawbacks like distraction or self-critique exist, watching videos with a coach mitigates these concerns. Ultimately, recording your pole vaulting serves as a potent tool for advancement, encompassing technique, performance, and goals, making it essential for every vaulter’s arsenal.

Looking forward to the next issue, we’re excited to feature San Diego State on the cover, marking the beginning of our exploration into the world of college pole vaulting.

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