DONETSK (UKR): IAAF Vice-President Sergey Bubka welcomed recent success of IAAF in fight against doping. “All this news with results of re-tested samples from Olympic Games 2004 and World Championships 2005 are showing the cheaters will be catched. Sooner or later. That is good for our sport. IAAF shows the way forward also for other federations,” said the pole vault world record holder.

Bubka is also preparing one of the top special indoor competitions, the Samsung Pole Vault Stars event in Donetsk on February 9 (EA Indoor Permit). “I hope we will have again top world class
competition.” One of the first names confirmed is the reigning world champion Fabiana Murer from Brazil.

Bubka hopes to have quiet days during Christmas Holidays which he will spent in mountains.


Sergey Bubka
Sergey Bubka

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