Small Square – Big Reach Blitz starts today! $99

Vaulter Magazine would like to offer a small but mighty advertising special for all sports enthusiast and the pole vaulting community. These small but mighty 125×125 squares are all over our website when you view our pages.  ( *** Specifically when you view our high school and college sections of our main page on the right.

For $99 we will advertise your website, brand, club, camp, or any other type of business that you choose fit within our website. Currently we have 12 spots available for the first 12 advertisers between now and the 26th of July 2013.

Reserve your spot today for the month of August and advertise your business! Small fee for a large audience!

$99 Small Square Big Reach Blitz Starts Today!

Contact Vaulter Magazine – 877-743-3052 or via our website at

"Grow your business with us" advertisment
“Grow your business with us” advertisment



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