Smith College-Indoor Track & Tennis  Northhampton,  MA

1 1 Copeland, Greg SR Unattached 4.27m
2 2 Volt, Paul Freshman Unattached 4.27m
3 3 Rodriguez, Twister SO Rocket Power Tc. 3.81m
4 4 Dominique, Ross Patriot Pole Vault Club 3.66m
5 5 Baltzell, Evan SO Unattached 3.20m


1 1 Busch, Rachel SO Unattached 3.13m
2 2 Martin, Lucia FR-1 Oregon Tech 2.90m
3 3 Ballon, Maddie SR-4 Mount Holyoke 2.45m
4 4 Warren, Kristen SR-4 Smith 2.30m


pole vaulting
pole vaulting

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