Stanford University on the Cover for December 2015

‘Tis the season—the season to be with family, to be thankful, to play in the snow, to bake Christmas cookies with the family, the season of counting down the days to Christmas! Hang in there, Christmas Break is almost here! Just kick back and relax next to a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate, because we have a fun Christmas issue for you!
Vaulter Magazine focused on Christmas Break this issue. Christmas season is about being thankful and giving. Giving back to your pole-vault community is something you can do to show how grateful you are for the club and high school that has taught you so much. Without your club or high school, you would not be where you are today in the world of pole vault. Check out the article “Giving Back” to see how you can show your appreciation by helping the new vaulters or the little vaultlings this season.
Another thing that happens over Christmas Break is going to your club or high school to train. It is then that you will have multiple coaches—your club/high school coach and your college coach, or your club coach and high school coach. Sometimes it is hard to listen to several coaches especially when the coaching style is not the same. This month, we have an article telling you how you can be open minded to multiple coaches. Do not shut anyone out, accept the help you can get, that is how you can improve as a pole vaulter.
On our cover this month is the Stanford Elves with their two coaches, Santa and the Abominable Snowman! Coach Michael Eskind has a great lineup of Stanford vaulters this season with some new faces and some successful returners. Toby Stevenson’s alma mater is not a school you want to miss. This school has so much to offer its students and its athletes. You will see this successful team in the future—check them out!
Enjoy our Christmas issue! There are some Christmas pole vault fun facts as well as some fun ideas to try. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a nice relaxing Christmas Break. We look forward to starting the New Year by seeing you all at the Reno Pole Vault Summit next month! Until then, fly high!

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